• Djamali Ali IAIN Sultan Amai Gorontalo
  • Febriyanto Palinga IAIN Gorontalo
  • Fitri Laiya IAIN Gorontalo
  • Rindiany
  • Andika Bantilan IAIN Gorontalo


Pemimpin, Serakah, Hadis


Good government is government under the auspices of a just leader. But what about a government with leaders who are unfair, ambitious, only think about their own interests and don't think about their people. With this behavior, the existence of a region will not be peaceful and secure. The article entitled "The tyrannical leader". As is happening today, many leaders are not responsible for their leadership. Explicitly, the author will discuss irresponsible leaders, and will be discussed straightforwardly according to the methodology of writing scientific papers. The author presents articles in light language, so they are easy to understand and digest. The object of study includes takhrij, sanad and matan. Regarding the order in which this article is reviewed, takhrij hadith analyzes sources down to the original. Sanad, relationships, backings, or things that can be trusted. Matan, the text of hadith, is in the form of sayings, actions, and takrir which are located after the sanad


Al-Khulashah karya al-Khazraji. Kutipan dari Dirasah 'Isyrana Haditsan min Shahih Muslim dalam kumpulan buku berjudul Kutub wa Rasail Abdul Muhsin bin Hamd al-'Abbad al-Badr 2/549.

Artikel IAIN An-Nur Lampung, Riwayat hidup Imam An-Nasai, 27 Desember 2022

Jamal al-Din Abi al-Hajjal Yusuf al-Mizzi, kitab, Tahdzibul Kamal Fi Asma’ Ar-Rijal, Jilid 11 ( Cet. II; Bagdad, Mu’assas al-Risalah ) h. 159

Kitab Al-lshabah hal. 1279.

Kitab Siyaru A'lamin Nubala 3/52.

Qur’an dan artinya Kemenag, QS. An-Nahl 90

Salah al-Din bin Ahmad al-Adlabi, Manhaj al-Naqd al-Matn (Beirut: Dar al-Afaq al-Jadidah, 1983), h. 254.




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