Nikah Sirih Dalam Perspektif Hadits


  • Nur Fauzia Dauango IAIN Sultan Amai Gorontalo
  • Widyawati Rudin IAIN Sultan Amai Gorontalo
  • Mohammad Iqbal IAIN Sultan Amai Gorontalo


Marriage, Sirih, Hadits


This article will discuss the sirri marriage hadith from a hadith perspective. The word sirri comes from Arabic which means secret or (secret merriage). we often hear the term unregistered marriage, especially among officials and celebrities. The large number of cases of unregistered marriages makes people often ask what is meant by unregistered marriages and what are the laws in Islam. Siri marriage is actually not a Muslim tradition because basically Rasulullah SAW told us to announce marriages to the general public. This is the beginning of building a household that is sakinah, mawadah and rahmah and so that the wife's obligation to her husband or vice versa, the husband's obligation to his wife can be fulfilled.            According to Imam Maliki, sirri marriage is a marriage in which, on the basis of the husband's will, the witnesses of the marriage must keep it secret from other people, even to their families. The Maliki school of thought does not allow the practice of sirri marriage. According to the Maliki school of thought, a sirri marriage can be annulled and the culprit can be whipped or stoned if both of them have had sexual intercourse and are recognized by four other witnesses. Likewise, the Shafi'i and Hanafi schools do not allow unregistered marriages. Meanwhile, according to the Hambali school, sirri marriage is permissible if it takes place according to the provisions of Islamic law, although it is kept secret by the bride and groom, the guardian and the witnesses. It's just that the law is makruh. According to history during the Khulafaurrasyidin era, caliph Umar bin al-Khatthab once threatened the perpetrators of sirri marriage with had or flogging laws.


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