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Sat, 30 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0800 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 HISTORIS SYEKH MAULANA MAGHRIBI UJUNG NEGORO DALAM PERSPEKTIF FOLKLOR https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/250 <p>The history of the tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi in Ujung Negoro is the view of the perceptions of the people that have been passed down from generation to generation, but from these various perceptions there has not been a clear truth regarding the body and spirit of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Ujung Negoro. This research was conducted at Ujung Negoro Cemetery, Kandeman District, Batang Regency. The purpose of this research is to find out the historical cover of the tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi based on a folklore perspective, how his journey in carrying out his preaching came to Ujung Negoro village. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative method. The qualitative research method is a research method based on the philosophy of postpositivism, used to research natural objects (as opposed to experiments) where the researcher is the key instrument. Qualitative methods are used to obtain in-depth data containing a historical meaning, namely methods that explain systematically, accurately, and factually about these activities. Observation, interview and documentation stages were carried out in the data collection process. The results of this study explain that the history of the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghrobi based on a folklore perspective is a memorial that was once a place of stopover by the Al-Maghrobi group.</p> Fina Karhomatul Auliya, Nur Sholekhati, Wirayudha Pramana Bhakti Copyright (c) 2023 Dakwatun : Jurnal Manajemen Dakwah https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/250 Sat, 30 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0800 ANALISIS MANAJEMEN DAKWAH: KEPEMIMPINAN GUS DUR TERHADAP GENERASI Z https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/1196 <p><em>This research is written with the aim of making Generation Z smart in every circumstance. One of them is to imitate and manipulate the way Gus Dur behaves in a variety of circumstances. The method used in this research is the method of library research. Through this method, an analysis of the impact of anything within Gus Dur's leadership management will be carried out. Especially during his tenure as the 4th President of RI against the patterns of thought and decision-making applied by the current Generation Z. The result of this research is that Gus Dur's leadership management has given such a relevant influence on Generation Z's thinking, which can be seen from the openness to change, principle-based leadership, inclusive, attitude to freedom, tendency to conflict, and the courage to try new things. In order not to have a negative impact, neither on himself nor on others. On the other hand, on the characteristics of Gus Dur's leadership in the perspective of glorious management, he is known as a tolerant, moderate, and human rights defender, as well as a promoter of religious freedom</em>.</p> Dwi Arta Melvia, Mohammad Ilham Copyright (c) 2023 Dakwatun : Jurnal Manajemen Dakwah https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/1196 Sat, 30 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0800 Dakwah TRANSFIGURASI MANAJEMEN DAKWAH BERBASIS RELIGIO-KULTURAL https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/881 <p><em>Dakwah in this era of globalization requires a very significant method. So that when the preacher delivers his message, he is demanded to be packaged as attractive as possible and be accepted by honey without the element of coercion. This definitely requires a management in carrying out its dakwah activities. As was done by the mahad board of Al-Jami'ah IAIN Tulungagung when carrying out MADIN activities, with the aim of achieving the predetermined vision and mission. With various increasingly complex problems, dai had to make several changes or transfigurations in order to achieve the perfection of his preaching. So this requires further analysis to analyze the process and implications of the transfiguration that was carried out by the Mahad Al-Jami'ah committee. The method used in this research is field research, which uses a sociological approach, which is used as a reference for researchers in understanding human behavior. Like MADIN IAIN Tulungagung, it is doing transfiguration based on religio-culture. So with the transfiguration it can change and influence behavior as well as provide an understanding of changes in Islamic teachings. So that the preacher must be able to understand the situation and condition of the object of preaching both sociologically and psychologically in order to achieve his missionary goals.</em></p> Bobby Rachman Santoso Copyright (c) 2023 Dakwatun : Jurnal Manajemen Dakwah https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/881 Sat, 30 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0800 SENI PERTUNJUKAN MUSIK POPULER REBANA DAN THEK-THEK SEBAGAI MEDIA DAKWAH DI PURWOKERTO https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/1320 <p><em>The aim of preaching is not only to convey a religious message, but also how the message is received and implemented in daily life. Maximizing all potential, including culture, local traditions and art, can support the success of da'wah. This research is intended to answer the question of how the popular performing arts in the form of Hadrah and Thek-thek Banyumasan are used as a medium for preaching in Purwokerto. This research uses qualitative descriptive analysis, with a phenomenological approach obtained by observation, documentation and interviews. The results of the research show that hadrah and Thek-thek have become popular performing arts for the people of Purwokerto, where their existence is used as an effective medium for preaching.</em></p> Aris Saefulloh Copyright (c) 2023 Dakwatun : Jurnal Manajemen Dakwah https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/1320 Sat, 30 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0800 DAKWAH BIL HAL DAKWAH BIL HAL DALAM KESADARAN LINGKUNGAN MELALUI PENGELOLAAN ECOBRICK (KOMUNITAS PROKLIM PURWOKELING BPI NGALIYAN SEMARANG) https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/1044 <p><strong>ABSTRAK</strong></p> <p>Penelitian ini memiliki tujuan untuk menganalisis Dakwah Bil Hal Dalam Kesadaran Lingkungan Melalui Pengelolaan Ecobrick (Komunitas Proklim Purwokeling Bpi Ngaliyan Semarang).</p> <p>Komunitas Proklim Purwokeling adalah komunitas yang bergerak dibidang cinta alam dan peduli terhadap lingkungan komunitas ini berada di Perumahan BPI Ngaliyan Semarang dengan mengubah masalah limbah plastik menjadi barang yang memiliki nilai guna yaitu Ecobrick. Tujuaan adanya kegiatan ecobrick ini adalah untuk mengatasi masalah limbah plastik yang ada diperumahan BPI Ngaliyan Semarang. Maka dari itu, peneliti membuat rumusan masalah sebagai berikut: 1) Bagaimana pengelolaan <em>Ecobrick</em> yang dilakukan oleh komunitas <em>Proklim Purwokeling</em> 2) Bagaimana proses dakwah <em>bil hal</em> yang dilakukan oleh Komunitas <em>Proklim Purwokeling</em>.</p> <p>Penelitian ini menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan pendekatan deskriptif fenomenologis. Adapun teknik pengumpulan data melalui observasi, wawancara, dan dokumentasi. Dalam penelitian ini, peneliti terlibat secara langsung dari proses awal sampai akhir untuk menggali sebuah data penelitian. Analisis data menggunakan teori Milles dan Hiberman, yang meliputi reduksi data, pemaparan data, dan penarikan kesimpulan.</p> <p>Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwasanya: 1) proses pengelolaan <em>ecobrick</em> yang dilakukan oleh komunitas <em>Proklim Purwokeling</em> melalui pembinaan, pendampingan dan controlling yang dilakukan selama kegiatan dan pasca kegiatan. 2) Proses dakwah <em>bil hal</em> yang dilakukan oleh Komunitas <em>Proklim Purwokeling</em> dapat dilihat dari beberapa aspek yakni: da’i, mad’u, media dakwah, materi dakwah, atsar metodologi, dakwah.</p> Usman Efendi Sulaiman Copyright (c) 2023 Dakwatun : Jurnal Manajemen Dakwah https://ejournal.iaingorontalo.ac.id/index.php/da/article/view/1044 Fri, 12 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0800